Reid Chamber Concert

Thursday, November 12, 1959
7.30 pm.
1959-60 season, 2nd concert

The London Medieval Group directed by Gilbert Reaney in a recital of medieval music for voices and instruments.


Gilbert Reaney - director
John Whitworth - countertenor
Andrew Gold - tenor
Marylin Wailes - portative organ, etc
Edith Lake - viol and crowd
Kerry Camden - bassoon

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Jubilemus, exultemus ... anonymous
    Lai des pucelles ... anonymous
    Benedicamus ... anonymous

2. Lancan vei la folha ... Bernart de Ventadorn
    Danse royale ... anonymous
    Ce fut en mai ... Moniot d'Arras
    Molt m'abellist l'amoros pensamen—Flos filius ... anonymous
    Danse royale ... anonymous
    Prendés i garde ... Guillaume d'Amiens

3. O Maria, virgo—O Maria, maris stella ... anonymous
    Je cuidoie—Se j'ai—Solem ... anonymous


4. Lauda Sion ... St Thomas Aquinas

5. Saltarello ... anonymous
    O tu cara scienza, mia  musica ... Giovanni da Cascia
    Cacciando un giorno ... Gherardello de Firenze

6. De tout flors ... Guillaume de Machaut
    Il m'est avis ... Guillaume de Machaut
    Quant je suis mis au retour ... Guillaume de Machaut
    Felix Virgo—Inviolata ... Guillaume de Machaut

7. Jour a jour la vie ... anonymous
    Tant ay de plaisir ... Baude Cordier
    Pontifici decori speculi ... Johannes Carmen

8. Gia per gran nobelta ... Nicholaus Zacharie
    Credo ... anonymous


Performance Type:

4-page programme
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes by G. R. [Gilbert Reaney].

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme price: one shilling

A list of instruments and their makers is given at the end of the programme:
Portative organ - Williamson and Hyatt of Trunch
Bell-chimes - Mears and Stanibank of London
Gothic harp - Morley of Kensington
Crowd - Stieber of Tubingen