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This database has been designed to give online access to information about the Reid Concerts at the University of Edinburgh.  The project began in 2013 and the starting point was the first annual memorial concert which was given in February 1841.  The intention is to include as much information about the concerts for which extant programmes are available, and as is practical, without digitising the individual concert programmes.  Programme notes are not included. The concert information is entered as it appears in the programme printed at the time and as the works were described at the time.  Where a work has been subsequently re-attributed, re-named or re-numbered this has been identified where possible in the notes section of the individual concert.

The site is very much a work-in-progress with new material being added every day and there are considerable amounts of data still to be entered.  This information, taken from the available concert programmes and press reports, is by no means comprehensive or complete. There are many gaps in our available original material and if anyone has any information about the concerts or the individuals associated with the concerts that they would like to tell me about, please do not hesitate to send details.  At an unknown point in 2024 this database will be archived and further updates or additions will no longer be possible.  Work is underway to make the database as complete as possible before it is archived.

Users are invited to search using the menu buttons at the top of the page, some of which have drop-down options:

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There are numerous ways of finding the same information - it just depends on your preferred route.   The Professor of Music in post at the time of the concert is listed in the right hand column.   The Professors may also be listed as performers or composers.  Some individuals will appear as both performers and composers, e.g. Paul Hindemith, so don't forget to check both lists.

There is also a SEARCH box where you can put in keywords or dates.   If you click on the image of the magnifying class that will take you to the search page where an advanced search option is available.

Names or words in BLUE are links and will take you to linked pages on the site or beyond.  No responsibility is taken for the content of external links. 

The timeline at the foot of many of the pages gives outline details of historical events or activities.  As you move along the time line you have the option to use the forward and back arrows or to swipe along.   When you find the date or event you are looking for, click on the timeline and it will bring up the related text - there is a slider to allow the reader to see all this text.  In the case of a concert, if you click on the title of the text it will take you to the relevant page.

Images on the site are mostly on the Gallery page, accessed from the Home page.  If you click on the image you get a larger view of the picture and to exit click outside the box.   Each image has a small piece of written information attached.  There are many more images to be added but if anyone has pictures associated with the Reid concerts it might be possible to link to them or add them to the gallery.

If you use Twitter please visit the Reid Concerts Twitter page and perhaps tweet about your visit to the database.

Any questions or comments about the site please contact me.  

Thank you.