Variations on General Reid's March of the 42nd or Old Highland Regiment: 'In the garb of old Gaul'

Alternative title: 
In the garb of old Gaul

The idea for this set of variations came from the following passage from Logan Turner's History of the University of Edinburgh concerning Herbert Oakeley, who became Reid Professor in 1865:

At the close of his Inaugural Address, delivered in the Music Classroom, several of the students, according to the Edinburgh Courant of that time, expressed a strong desire to hear the organ.  Professor Oakaley accordingly played General Reid's Garb of Old Gaul  "with specimens of varied harmony, followed by an extempore fugue on the opening subject and other contrapuntal devices".

Taking the same theme that Oakeley used, the four composing members of the Faculty each wrote a variation for chamber orchestra.  A number of other composers associated with the Faculty were invited to contribure and variations by four Faculty graduates and a former Forman Fellow in Composition make up this set of nine pieces.

The composers were given a completely free hand to respond to the occasion as they saw fit, apart from the stipulation of a maximum length of five minutes.  

Edward Harper, Neil Mackay, Leon Coates, Lyell Cresswell, Peter Inness, Nigel Osborne, James MacMillan, Peter Nelson, Alasdair Nicolson


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