Symphony "Die Weihe der Töne" op. 86

Alternative title: 
The Consecration of Sound

  1. Largo. - Silence of Naturee before the birth of Sound
      Allegro. - Burst of Joyous Life - Voices of animated Nature - Storm
  2. Andantino. - Cradle Song
      Allegro. - Dance - Serenade
  3. March. - Martial Music - March to Battle - Regret of those left behind - Warrior's Return Home
  4. Andante Maestoso. - Thanksgiving for Victory
      (Founded on an ancient Chant of St Ambrose)
  5. Larghetto - Funeral Dirge
      (Founded on the Lutheran Burial Chorale)
  6. Comfort in Sorrow

      (Played for the first time at these Concerts in 1877)

Programme implies first performance  in Scotland at the Reid Concert in 1877 but it was listed on the concert programme of the Edinburgh Musical Association on 4 March 1848

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Concerts by Work