Recitative: "Let some one sing to us" and Air: "Tears, idle tears"

Words by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) from his poem "The Princess"

Set to music by Professor Herbert Stanley Oakeley for soprano with harp obbligato
His setting was first sung by Madlle Tietjens at the Birmingham Festival of 1873.

"On page 22 of the Reid Concert book 1875 will be found an appreciative and interesting "Commentary" on this magnificient song of the Laureate, to which attention is particularly requested as, without some explanation, the full meaning of the second and third stanzas may not be perceived" [H.S.O.]   The commentary was written by George Grove and abridged by special permission from Macmillan's Magazine, no. 85, Nov. 1866.   The composer H.S.O noted, "This idea is carried out in the setting sung at this concert, but the music was published before the composer had read - with thorough sympathy and admiration  - this thrilling and excellent article by his esteemed friend."  

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