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     A multi-medium environment for one to seven solo harpsichords, 
one to fifty-one computer-generated sound tapes and random image projectors.


Commissioned by Antoinette Vischer
Composed by John Cage, (b.1912) and Lejaren Hiller (b. 1924)
Assisted by Laetitia Snow
The ILLIAC II computer of Illinois University
The 'I Ching' or the Book of Changes and 
the 'Introduction to the compostion of waltzes by means of dice' attributed to Mozart
Premiered at the University of Illinois, Urbana under the aegis of 
the Experimental Music Studio and the Department of Computer Science
on May 16, 1969

Scottish premiere in Edinburgh (1976) realised by Gavin Nettleton, Michael Porter, Roger Savage and Andrew Swales

Concerts by Work

Title Date Venue Professor
Bach at St Cecilia's Hall 1976 Friday, May 21, 1976 McEwan Hall Leighton, Kenneth, 1929-1988