Gemini Variations, op. 73 (1964)

For two or four players: Flute/Violin/Piano

Twelve Variations and Fugue on an Epigram of Kodaly

  Theme (piano duet)
  Variation     I - Prestissimo scherzando (piano solo)
  Variation    II - Moderato (violin, piano)
  Variation   III - Allegro con brio (violin solo)
  Variation   IV - Grazioso (flute, violin)
  Variation    V - Canone-vivace (flute, violin)
  Variation   VI - Specchio I-Lento tranquillo (flute, violin)
  Variation  VII - Cadenza (flute solo)
  Variation VIII - Appassionato (flute, piano)
  Variation   IX - Fanfara-Allegro (piano solo)
  Variation    X - Marcia-Allegro (piano duet)
  Variation   XI - Specchio II-Misterioso (piano duet)
  Variation  XII - Romanza- Andante rubato (piano solo)

Concerts by Work

Title Date Venue Professor
Annual Reid Concert 1989 Tuesday, February 14, 1989 Reid Concert Hall with Ahrend organ