Duet: "Placidissime catene"

Duo for soprano and contralto with pianoforte accompaniment

From the programme 30 October, 1912:

The gist of the words is as follows.  A lover sings the praise of the gentle chains of love.
   I'd live in grief and die in pain
   If love my fetters rent in twain, etc.

It is a composition of considerable length, consisting of several continuous sections, throughout in the same measure (without recitative), but varying in tempo and motival material.

Andante.  Gentle chains to loosen you is cruelty
Allegro.  He has lost all his happiness who returns to liberty
Adagio.  I'd live in grief and die in pain.
Moderato.  Grief, pain, and woe, you will not make me break my bonds.


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Title Date Venue Professor
Historical Concert Wednesday, October 30, 1912 University Music Class Room Niecks, Frederick Maternus, 1845-1924