Black Angels - Thirteen images from the dark land.

The 13 individual movements of Black Angels are divided into three large groups.

  I. Departure
     1.Threnody I: Night of the Electric Insects (tutti)
     2. Sounds of Bones and Flutes (trio)
     3. Lost Bells (duo)
     4. Devil-music (solo)
     5. Danse Macabre (duo)

 II. Absence
     6. Pavana Lachrymae (trio)
     7. Threnody II: Black Angels (tutti)
     8. Sarabanda de la Muerte Oscura (trio)
     9. Lost Bells (Echo) (duo)

III. Return
   10. God-music (solo)
   11. Ancient Voices (duo)
   12. Ancient Voices (Echo) (trio)
   13. Threnody III:  Night of the Electric Insects (tutti)

Things were turned upside down.  There were terrifying things in the air ... they found their way into Black Angels - George Crumb

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Reid Chamber Concert Friday, October 21, 2016 Playfair Library Hall, Old College No Reid Professor in office