St Cecilia's Hall & MIMEd instruments


St Cecilia's Hall in the Cowgate became the home of the Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments in the University of Edinburgh in 1968 and the Concert Hall and Laigh Room became available for concerts and recitals.

Originally opened in 1763, St Cecilia’s Hall is the oldest purpose-built concert hall in Scotland. Including a Concert Room and a Music Museum, in 2017 the building re-opened following an extensive refurbishment. The elegant oval concert room on the first floor remains at the heart of the Georgian building, and there are four galleries situated on the ground and first floors, containing one of the world’s most important collections of musical instruments.
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am to 5pm, Admission Free   

Keyboard instruments used in University recitals

Specifications of Instruments from the Musical Instruments Museums at the University of Edinburgh (MIMEd) and organs used in concerts at this venue.
Titlesort descending
Anonymous baroque violin, c1720
Backers, Americus (grand fortepiano), 1772
Baillon, Luigi (double-manual harpsichord)
Baker Harris, (spinet) 1776
Barlow, Christopher (piano), 1998
Barton, Thomas (single-manual harpsichord), 1709
Bertoloti, Alessandro, - Virginal(s), (Venice), 1585
Broadwood & Sons (fortepiano), 1793
Burkat Shudi (double-manual harpsichord), 1766
Chamber Organ c. 1820
Dewar, Daniel (violoncello)
Dolmetsch, Arnold (clavichord), 1896
English anonymous, Chamber organ, c.1680
English anonymous, Chamber organ, c.1740
Erard fortepiano, 1909
Falkener, Robert, (double manual harpsichord) 1773
Gagliano, Januarious (Naples c.1720)
Goermans, Jean/Taskin, Pascal (double manual harpsichord) 1764/1784
Hass, Johann Adolph (clavichord), 1763
Hass, Johann Adolph (single-manual harpsichord), 1764
Hubert, Christian Gottlob (clavichord)
Instrument not identifed in the programme
Italian anonymous harpsichord (Florence?) c. 1620
Italian/German clavichord c.1700
Jacobz, Hendriks (Amsterdam 1698)
Kaiser, Matthias and Augustinius (Viola da gamba)
Keene, Stephen, - Virginal(s), (London), 1668
Kirckman, Jacob (double-manual harpsichord), 1755
Kuhlbörs, Johann Friedrich (fortepiano)
Linarolo, Venturo (Venice, 2nd half 16th century)
Loud, Thomas (grand pianoforte), 1815
Parker, Thomas (attrib.) Enharmonic chamber organ, 1765
Ruckers, Andreas (single-manual harpsichord) 1609
Ruckers, Ioannis (single-manual harpsichord), (Antwerp) 1637
Taskin, Pascal (double-manual harpsichord), 1769
The Hornstainer family violin
Trasuntinis, Bernardinus de (single-manual harpsichord, 1574)
Triple-fretted clavichord, c.1620