Whitfield, Ernest, 1887-1963

Ernest Albert Whitfield, 1st Baron Kenswood  b. 15 September 1887; d. 21 September 1963)

British violinist and welfare worker for the blind. 
Changed career to become a violinist when his sight began to deteriorate in his early twenties.
Made his professional debut in 1913 by which time he was almost completely blind.
In the December 1931 issue of "The Monthly Musical Record" it was recorded that he had been appointed Treasurer of the National Institute for the blind.


Concerts by Performer

Title Date Venue Professor
Reid Orchestral Concert Thursday, November 27, 1924 Usher Hall Tovey, Donald Francis, 1875-1940
Reid Orchestral Concert Thursday, January 28, 1937 Usher Hall Tovey, Donald Francis, 1875-1940