Ssempeke, Albert -2017

Albert Ssempeke is one of Uganda's most versatile traditional musicians.  He works as music instructor, instrument maker and repairer at the Uganda Museum near Kampala.  He is an expert player and teacher of most Ganda instruments, including xylophone, flute, lyre, drums and harp - he is one of only five harpists in the Buganda areas, following an unbroken tradition going back 4,000 years to music in the Egyptian temples.  He has been involved in reviving Uganda's national dance troupe, Heartbeat of Africa and is leader of a team of musician-dancers, which he founded in 1950.  During the 1960s Mr Ssempeke was one of the royal musicians at the court of King Frederick Mutesa of Buganda, who was deposed in 1966.  In 1987-1988 he was invited by Dr Peter Cooke to be a musician-in-residence at the University of Edinburgh and during the summer term 1994 he returned as African musician-in-residence and was accompanied by his son John Ssekitooleko, also a versatile musician and instructor to Uganda's national dance troupe. 

drums, flute, harp

Concerts by Performer

Title Date Venue Professor
Reid Chamber Concert Thursday, December 8, 1988 Reid Concert Hall with Ahrend organ