Hardie, Alastair, 1946-

Alastair James Hardie, born and educated in Aberdeen, is a member of the celebrated Hardie family which includes the violin makers Matthew Hardie (1755-1826), Peter Hardie (c 1775-1863) and James Hardie (1836-1916). He is the son of the northeast traditional fiddler Bill Hardie (1916- 1995). Alastair Hardie's main contributions to the Scots fiddle revival have been in the area of performance, teaching and as author, compiler and editor. As a player he has appeared frequently at the Edinburgh International Festival both for the Saltire Society and in 1985 in "Mr Menuhin's Delight", a memorable concert in which Yehudi Menuhin listened and talked to a number of eminent Scots fiddlers. In 1996, again for the EIF, he devised and took part in Scottish Fiddle Music, a 5-concert series surveying the Scots fiddle tradition from 1600 to the present day. He has taken part in many broadcasts, including such BBC series as The Music MakersMaisters of the BowThe Musician in Scotland and Scotland's Music. Recordings include Alastair Hardie's Compliments to "The King" - A 150th Anniversary Tribute to James Scott Skinner (1994), a contribution to The Fiddler's Companion (1980) and, with Jean Redpath, The Scottish Fiddle - the Music and the Song (1985). As co-founder and violinist with the chamber ensemble Kist of Musick he has been much associated with the dissemination of the baroque music of 18th century Scotland. In the publications sphere Alastair Hardie is the author of The Caledonian Companion (1981), a book which has been described as "the first comprehensive instruction book for Scots fiddlers ever written". His editorial work can be seen in new editions of Skinner's A Guide to Bowing (1984), Hunter's The Fiddle Music of Scotland (1988), Bill Hardie's The Beauties of the North (1986) and in Gore's A Fiddler's Book of Scottish Jigs (1997). As a teacher he is best known through his commitment since 1978 as a tutor at Stirling University's Scots Fiddle Summer School. He has been a contributor to the fiddle teaching programme for the BA in Scottish Traditional Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, and regularly takes a specialist Scots Music Day at St Mary's Music School, Edinburgh.

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Concerts by Performer

Title Date Venue Professor
Annual Reid Concert 1982 Thursday, February 11, 1982 St Cecilia's Hall & MIMEd instruments Leighton, Kenneth, 1929-1988
Annual Reid Concert 2013 Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Reid Concert Hall with Ahrend organ
Annual Reid Concert 2015 Friday, February 13, 2015 Reid Concert Hall with Ahrend organ
Annual Reid Concert 2018 Friday, February 16, 2018 Reid Concert Hall with Ahrend organ
Annual Reid Concert 2020 Friday, February 14, 2020 Reid Concert Hall with Ahrend organ