The Haydn Lute Trio

The Haydn Lute Trio was formed in 2000 and has been delighting audiences since with its widely varied programmes featuring the 18th century lute and theorbo in ensemble. Following the critically acclaimed ‘Lute music for a Princess’ CD (for ASV Gaudeamus) the trio have regularly featured in arts festival, music society and educational programmes contrasting rarely heard early classical Lute trios by Haydn and his contemporaries with the great violin sonatas of Bach, Handel and Corelli, using the theorbo as continuo. The Trio also include French 18th century repertoire in their concerts, with the pièces de théorbe en partition taken from the 1716 publication of Louis 14th’s court theorbist, Robert de Visée.

Members in 2006

David Parsons - lute
Lara James - clasical violin
Miguel Calvo - classical cello



Concerts by Group/Ensemble

Title Date Venue Professor
Concerts at St Cecilia's Saturday, November 11, 2006 St Cecilia's Hall & MIMEd instruments Osborne, Nigel 1948-