Eolus Ensemble

Under the name of the 'wind god', the Eolus Ensemble is a group of wind players specialising in period instruments of the 17th and 18th centuries.  Working as researchers in musicology and organology, they try to use the most historically appropriate instruments.

This implies for the brass:
 - playing natural horns and trumpets without any later system such as vent holes (very recent in the case of the trumpet) or hand-stopping (after 1750 in the case of the horn)
 - and using appropriate mouthpieces

For woodwinds:
  - choosing historic fingerings as much as possible
  - and scraping the reeds in the original way

Concerning the musicological aspect, much attention has been given to unequal temperament, innate in natural brass instruments' intonation, as well as phrasing and dynamics appropriate for music which was intended to be performed both indoors and in the open air.  These practices result in a specific sound, now noble, now tender, sometimes hearty or subtle, corresponding perfectly to the atmosphere of these compositions.

Members in 2011:
Jean-François Madeuf - natural trumpet
Elsa Frank - baroque oboe and recorder
Johanne Maitre - baroque oboe and recorder
Jérémie Papasergio - baroque bassoon and recorder
Elisabeth Geiger - harpsichord


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