The Auricle Ensemble

The Auricle Ensemble burst into life in 2007 with intriguing programmes, virtuoso playing and an inclusive performance style. Formed by co-founders Kenny Letham and Chris Swaffer, the ensemble has since gained an enviable reputation.  The ensemble thrives on performing a variety of genres, from Miles Davis to Maxwell Davies, and as such has some of Scotland's most versatile players as its members.

In 2017:
Chris Swaffer - conductor
Crawford Logan - reciter
Amy Cardigan - violin
Nicola Long - clarinet
Kath Nagl - bassoon
Alistair Douglas - trumpet
Kenny Lethem - trombone
Neil Cameron - double bass
Philip Hague - percussion

Concerts by Group/Ensemble

Title Date Venue Professor
Reid Chamber Concert Tuesday, November 14, 2017 Reid Concert Hall with Ahrend organ No Reid Professor in office