Secular Masque

Saturday, November 15, 1986
7.45 pm

A Masque from Drury Lane


Christopher Bell - conductor
Bridget Biagi - director
Michael Burden - producer
Gordon Hughes - lighting
Marie Robinson - costume co-ordinator
Neil Metcalfe - repetiteur

Violins: Huw Davies (leader), Andrew Patten, Alexa Butterworth, Harriet Wilson
Violas: Jane Richards, Ken Taylor
Violoncellos: Willian Stowe, Philip Cartwright
Double Bass: Walter Carlton
Flutes: Sue Cook, Justine McKellar
Oboes: James Eastaway, Katharine Ault
Horns: Niel Nicholson, James Brock
Trumpet: Lawrence Haigh
Timpani: Stuart Hope
Continuo: Philip Sawyer

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Secular Masque ... William Boyce
  libretto by John Dryden

A unique opportunity to see this music drama (first performance since 1750 of this version)

Prologue and Epilogue - Laurence Wareing
Janus, the two-faced God of beginnings - Scott Davies
Chronos, Father Time - Nicholas Macklon
Momus, Satirist of the Deities - Christopher Hobkirk
Diana, the Huntress - Rachel Cowan
Mars, God of War - Nicholas Jones
Venus, Goddess of Love - Irene Drummond
Servant to Chronos - David Pounder
Diana's Nymphs and Huntsmen - Stephen Chaundy, Christopher Hoban, Sheenagh Massey, Alex Weaver
Mars' Warriors - Stephen Chaundy, Christopher Hoban and David Pounder
Venus' attendants in Love - Jo Laming, Alex Weaver



Performance Type:

4-page blue A4 folded
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes by Michael Burden

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets £3, Concessions £2 from the Usher Hall Box Office and at the door
[Reid] Professor: 
Faculty of Music


Thanks also to Gary Bell, Jane Chalmers, Susan Clayson, Julia Craig-McFeely, Alison Prain, John Raymond and Roger Savage