Reid Organ Recital

Wednesday, January 27, 1954
Session 1953-1954

Herrick Bunney - organ

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

J. S. Bach Programme

1. Prelude and Fugue in G

2. Pastorale and three associated movements

3. Chorale prelude on "Valet will ich dir geben"

4. Fantasia and Fugue in G minor ("the great")

Instrument / Organ Specification: 
Single sheet
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Admission free.

Neither the venue nor the time of the concert are recorded, although it is described as a 'lunch hour organ recital'. The lack of BWV numbers makes the identification of some of the pieces difficult. It is likely, however, that item 1 is BWV 541. Item 2 is not easily identifiable, although the initial Pastorale movement may have been the well known work in F major, BWV 590.