Reid Orchestral Concert

Saturday, May 19, 1917
3.00 pm
First season/third concert

Miss Flora Woodman - solo vocalist
Mr A Scott Jupp - accompanist

Professor Donald Francis Tovey - conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1.  Tragic Overture, op. 81 ... Brahms

2. "La Procession," for soprano with orchestra ... César Franck
  [Note inserted into the programme:  we regret to announce that it has proved impossible to procure orchestral parts of "La Procession," although they were promised to us a month ago.  (This may illustrate the difficulties which at the present time hinder the Reid Orchestra from going beyond the limits of the familiar classical repertoire).  Miss Flora Woodman has kindly consented to sing the following songs with pianoforte accompaniment:-

  1.  "Vedrai Carino" ... Mozart
  2.  "La Superbetta" ... De Fesch 
  Miss Flora Woodman

3.  Unfinished Symphony in B minor ... Schubert

4.  Songs:-
  1. "Pourquoi rester seulette" ... Saint-Saëns
  2. "Cuckoo song" ... Roger Quilter
  Miss Flora Woodman

5. Symphony in G minor (Köchel's catalogue no. 550) ... Mozart

6. Overture for the Consecration of the house, op. 124 ... Beethoven




Performance Type:

16-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Programme includes a portrait of Miss Flora Woodman.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Subscriptions for the series of four concerts, 17/6, 12/6, 6/6, 4/3; Single concert Tickets: 5/3, 4/3, 2/2, 1/8; Programme Price: sixpence
Publicity and Reviews: 

Tickets offered for four areas of the Music Hall:  Reserved area and front row of gallery, Reserved gallery and side seats, Unreserved gallery and side seats, Unreserved under gallery and orchestra.   Subscriptions are for the series of four concerts (including Government tax) and are payable in advance.   Orders for seats by post will be immediately attended to, and seats selected in the best available positions.
Tickets for single concerts will be on sale on Saturday 28th April. 
Tickets available from Messrs Paterson & Sons, 27 George Street, Edinburgh


Review of this concert in "The Scotsman", May 21, 1917

David Macdonald, 74 Hanover Street, Edinburgh