Reid Orchestral Concert

Thursday, March 15, 1928
8.00 pm.
65th session, 12th season, 7th concert



Mr Walter Worsley - solo horn
Professor Donald Francis Tovey - conductor and solo pianoforte
Miss Mary Grierson - conductor

Mr Watt Jupp - leader of the orchestra

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Overture, "Le Nozze di Figaro" ... Mozart

2. Concerto for horn, in E flat ... Mozart
[From the programme for 29 March 1928, which lists all the works performed by the Reid Orchestra for the 1927-28 season, we know that this was the concerto no. 4 in E flat].

3. Third symphony, in C major ... Sibelius


4. Concerto in G major for pianoforte and orchestra, op. 58 ... Beethoven

5. Suite, "Ma Mère L'Oye" ... Ravel

Orchestra/Chorus Listing: 

Performance Type:

20-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

By D.F.T.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme Price: one shilling
Publicity and Reviews: 

On the inside back page - list of Thursday concerts for the remainder of the season.

David Macdonald Ltd., 74 Hanover Street

According to the review in "The Scotsman," 16 March, 1928, this concert had been scheduled to feature Madame Adila Fachiri in a pereformance of the Brahms violin concerto.  "Ample compensation for any disappointment, however, was provided in the delightful renderings of Beethoven's G major piano concero and of Mozart's concerto in E flat for horn and orchestra..."  In the performance of the Beethoven, for which Professor Tovey was the soloist, the orchestra was directed by Miss Mary Grierson.