Reid Orchestral Concert

Thursday, March 15, 1934
8.00 pm.
71st session, 18th season, 8th concert



Dr Mary Grierson - solo pianoforte
Professor Tovey - conductor
Mr Watt Jupp - leader of the orchestra

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Overture, "Le Jeune Sage et le Vieux Fou" ... Méhul

2. Seventh symphony, in one movement, op. 105 ... Sibelius

3. Nights in the gardens of Spain (pianoforte and orchestra) ... De Falla


4. Fantastic variations on an old rhyme ... Havergal Brian

5. Introduction and allegro appassionata, op. 92, for pianoforte and orchestra .... Schumann

6. Academic festival overture, op. 80 ... Brahms

Performance Type:

28-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

By D.F.T.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme Price: one shilling
David Macdonald Ltd., Edinburgh

Programme booklet contains a "List of works performed by the Reid symphony orchestra (excluding solo and unaccompanied choral works)", together with an orchetral list of The Reid Symphony Orchestra for the 1933-34 season: includes 15 first and 13 second violins; 8 violas; 9 cellos; and 6 basses.

First Performance in Scotland: 
Symphony no. 7 in C major, op. 105