Reid Orchestral Concert

Thursday, January 28, 1937
8.00 pm.
74th session, 21st season, 5th concert



Ernest Whitfield - solo violin
Sir Donald Tovey - conductor
Kenneth Anderson - leader of the orchestra

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Symphony in C major (K. 338) ... Mozart
Allegro vivace
Andante di molto
Finale. Allegro vivace

2. Concerto for violin, with orchestra, op. 47 ... Sibelius

3. Hungarian capriccio for orchestra ... Zádor


4. Concerto for violin and orchestra ... Delius

5. Symphony no. 7, in A major, op. 92 ... Beethoven

Orchestra/Chorus Listing: 

Performance Type:

24-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

By D.F.T.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Season ticket (Special rate for Hon. members): Grand Tier £3 (£2.15/-); Area £2. 2/- (£1. 17/6) 18/-; Upper Tier 9/-; Single Ticket Rates from 1/6 to 5/9; Programme Price: one shilling
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Season 1936-37 Concert Agents:
Paterson, Sons & Co. Ltd., 27 George Street
Methven Simpson, Ltd., 83 Princes Street
Rae, Macintosh & Co. Ltd., 39 George Street
James Stephen, 59 Lothian Road
Townsend & Thomson, 79 George Street

Townsend & Thomson (music shop): 79 George Street, Edinburgh
Maitland Radio Limited
Alex Scott (wool shop)

On p.21, the 'raison-d'être' of the Reid Symphony Orchestra is given.

On the inside back page - list of Thursday concerts for the remainder of the season.

David Macdonald Ltd., Edinburgh