Reid Historical Concert

Friday, February 4, 1916
8.00 pm
1915-1916, Concert III of IV

Series of Four Historical Concerts under the direction of the Professor of Music
III. Illustrating the Groups and Composition of the full orchestra


Singers - Mr Dan Jones, Mr Frederick W. Taylor, Mr Walter Saull
Members of the Scottish Orchestra
Leader of the orchestra - Horace Fellowes
Corni di bassetto - Mr Charles Draper, Mr Haydn P. Draper
Organ - Dr Matthew Shirlaw
Conductor - Professor Tovey

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1.  Tragic Overture, op. 81 .. Brahms

2.  Symphonia Sacra, "Lamentatio Davidi," for bass voice, four trombones and organ ... Schütz
   Singer - Mr Walter Saull,  Trombones - Messrs F. W. Taylor, H. S. Walker, G. de Coninck, and Jas. Neil

3.  Serenade in B flat (Kochel's Catalogue, no. 361) ... Mozart
   for two oboes, two clarinets, two corni di bassetto, four horns, two bassoons and contra- fagotto
   Messrs H. Halstead, Hartley, Brough, Fawcett, Charles Draper, Haydn. P. Draper, Penn, Rota, Vickerstaff, Meert, Stephens, Yorke and Jackson

4.  Two Symphoniae Sacrae ... Schütz
  (a)  Anima mea liquefacta est, for two baritones, two corni di bassetto ("Fiffari"), and organ
  Singers - Mr Frederick W. Taylor and Mr Walter Saull,  Corni di Bassetto - Mr Charles Draper and Mr H. P. Draper
  (b)  Freuet euch des Herrn ihr Gerechten, for tenor, baritone and bass; with orchestral violins, double basses and organ
  Singers - Messrs Dan Jones, F.W. Taylor and Walter Saull

5.  Overture for the Consecration of the House, op. 124 ... Beethoven


12-page programme
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes by D. F. T.
Texts for the two Schutz works are provided in the original language and in English translation.
The Schütz, Item 4. on the programme Tovey suggests is "so little known that I should not be surprised to find that this was the first performance since the seventeenth century."

Full list of the orchestra members is also printed.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Series ticket: Half-a-Guinea, Single Concert: 3s
Publicity and Reviews: 

Concert was preceded at 4.00 pm on Tuesday 1 February by a public lecture given by Professor Tovey in the Music Class Room, on some of the works to be performed.
Concert series was advertised in The Scotsman  on November 17, 1915 under the heading 'University Concerts'.

David Macdonald, 74 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

On the back page of the programme is announced that on Tuesday afternoon, February 15, 1916 at 4.00 pm, Professor Tovey will give a public lecture on the works performed at the Historical Concerts.