Reid Chamber Concert

Saturday, January 25, 1941
2.30 pm.
1940-41 season, 5th concert

Ruth Waddell - 'cello
Peggie Sampson - 'cello
John Tainsh - tenor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Suite for two 'cellos, o p. 22 ... Klengel

      Introduction - praeludium - arioso - gavotte - sarabande - fughette

2. Old English songs

      "Since first I saw your face" ... Thomas Ford
      "I care not for these ladies" ... Thomas Campion
      "Willow, willow" ... Anon. edited by Peter Warlock and Philip Wilson
      "My lytell prety one" ... Anon. edited by Dolmetsch
      "It was a lover" ... Morley. edited by Fellowes
      "Bid me but live" ... Henry Lawes. edited by Dolmetsch

3. Concert for two 'cellos ... Couperin

      Prélude - air - sarabande - chaconne - le je-ne-scay-quoy

4. Modern English songs

      "Come my own one" ... Butterworth
      "Is my team ploughing?" ... Butterworth
      "As ever I saw" ... Peter Warlock
      "Pigessnie" ... Peter Warlock
      "The first mercy" ... Peter Warlock
      "Pretty ring time" ... Peter Warlock

5. Sonata for two 'cellos and figured bass ... Handel

       Andante - allegro - largo - allegro

Single sheet programme
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Publicity and Reviews: 

At foot of sheet: advert for the 6th concert of the series: Mozart's requiem on 8 February 1941.


Although the year is not recorded on the programme, this has been determined by linking the day of the week with the date and month.

'Is my team ploughing?' is from Butterworth's 'A Shropshire lad'.