Reid Chamber Concert

Saturday, December 21, 1940
2.30 pm.
1940-41 season, 4th concert

Piano recital


Grace Johnston - pianoforte

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Sonata in A minor, op. 10 ... Schubert

       Allegro guisto
       Allegro vivace

2. Four ballades, op. 10 ... Brahms

3. (a) Nocturnes, op. 9, no. 1, in B flat major ... Chopin
                           op. 37, no. 1, in C sharp minor
                           op. 62, no. 2, in B major

    (b) Mazurkas, op. 50, no. 1, in G major
                          op. 50, no. 2, in A flat major
                          op. 50, no. 3, in C sharp minor

4. The Children's Corner ... Debussy

         Dr Gradus ad parnassum
         Jumbo's lullaby
         The serenade of the doll
         The snow is dancing
         The little shepherd
         The Golliwog's cakewalk


Performance Type:

Single sheet programme
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Publicity and Reviews: 

At foot of sheet: advert for the 5th concert of the series (25 January 1941).


Although the year is not recorded on the programme, this has been determined by linking the day of the week with the date and month.

There are various issues with the keys and opus numbers as recorded in the printed programme. From the movement titles, for instance, it is clear that the Schubert piano sonata in A minor is the one now referred to as no. 14 and is not op. 10. In addition, it is not clear which of the group of three Chopin nocturnes was played second, since op. 37 consists of two nocturnes, one in the key of G minor and one in the key of G major.