Reid Chamber Concert

Thursday, March 10, 1955
7.30 pm.
1954-55 season, 8th concert

Mona Benson - mezzo-contralto
Betty Brown - pianoforte

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

The Romantic story of the beautiful Magelone and count Peter of Provence, by Ludwig Tieck, op. 33 ... Johannes Brahms

1. How a strange bard came to the court of Provence
2. How count Peter left his parents
3. The tourney and the jousting. Peter sees lovely Magelone
4. How the knight sent a message to the lovely Magelone
5. How the knight sent a ring to Magelone
6. How the noble knight had another message from the lovely Magelone
7. How Peter sought the lovely Magelone
8. A tourney in honour of the lovely Magelone
9. How Magelone fled with her knight
10. How Peter lost the lovely Magelone
11. The lament of the lovely Magelone
12. Peter among the heathen
13. How the heathen Sulima fell in love with Peter
14. How Peter came back to Christendom
15. The end of the story

Performance Type:

4-page programme
Programme Notes: 

Very brief notes and poem titles by Steuart Wilson.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme: one shilling