Reid Chamber Concert

Thursday, May 3, 1984
7.30 pm

Concert by students of the Faculty of Music

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Oboe sonata in B flat ... Handel
  Andante - Grave - Allegro

     James Eastaway - oboe
     Lancelot Whitehead - piano

Ballade no. 4 in F minor ... Chopin

     Anna le Hair - piano

Praise our Lord ... William Byrd
O nata lux de lumine - Thomas Tallis
Awake ... Michael East
 [transcribed and edited by Keith Wright]

Amor deh dimmi come ... Gio. M. Nanino
Io vo gridando ... Girolamo Conversi
Amor io sent'un respirar ... Gio. De Macque 
 [transcribed and edited by Julia Craig-McFeely]

     I Cantori Conversi 
     director: Keith Wright
During his lifetime Michael East had more in print than any other composer.  Apart from curiosities little now survives in modern editions.  'Awake' comes from a 1624 set of part-books in the University library and the Italian madrigals are from the anthology 'Harmonia Celeste' (1583), a 1628 reprint of which was bought last century by the Reid Bequest.


During the interval the University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments will be open to members of the audience

Sonata in C, K 279 ... Mozart
  Allegro - Andante - Allegro

     Fiona Simpson - piano

Piano Trio (1983) ... Peter Duggan
  Moderato (alternating with presto and adagio)
Scherzo (moto perpetuo)
"Hamilton House"/Finale - andante molto mosso

     Virginia Strawson (violin), William Schofield (cello), Peter Duggan (piano)

Balteagh [first performance] ... Philip Cartwright
     Violins - Virginia Strawson, Jane Hodson, Chris James, Libby McEvoy, David Moore, Carolyn Mulgrew
     Violas - Ruth Hardwicke, Alexis Woolley
     Cellos - William Schofield, Cheryl McCay
     Bass - Fiona Donaldson
       director - Philip Cartwright




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Single sheet A4 white
Programme Notes: 

Brief programme notes for the Duggan and Cartwright works

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Admission free
[Reid] Professor: 
Faculty of Music

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Balteagh for strings