Reid Chamber Concert

Thursday, November 7, 1974
7.30 pm.
Session 1974-1975

Bel Canto.


Hazel Wood - mezzo-soprano
Miles Baster - violin
Michael Tilmouth - cello
Leon Coates - piano and harpsichord

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Das zitternde Glänzen ... Handel

Cantata 'Diane et Actéon' ... Rameau
     Mezzo-soprano and continuo with obbligato viollin

Sonata in E for violin and harpsichord ... J. S. Bach
     Adagio ma non tanto

Songs from Harawi ... Messiaen
    1  Bonjour toi, colombe verte
    5  L'amour de Piroutcha
    9  L'escalier redit, gestes du soleil
    10 Amour oiseau de l'étoile


Three sonnets from the Portuguese ... Leon Coates
    For mezzo-soprano, cello and piano

Four songs for voice and violin: A Medieval Anthology ... Holst
    1. Jesu Sweet, now will I sing to Thee a song of love longing
    2. My soul has nought but fire and ice
    3. I sing of a maiden
    4. My leman is so full of love and steadfast

Cantata: 'Mi palpita il cor' ... Handel

Single salmon sheet, printed on both sides, folded in half
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes by L.C. (Leon Coates) and H.W. (Hazel Wood).

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Admission free.
Publicity and Reviews: 

Advert for next concert on Thursday 14 November at the end of the programme sheet.

[Reid] Professor: 
Summerhall Press Limited, 12a West Newington Place, Edinburgh
First Performance in World: 
Song cycle: "Sonnets from the Portuguese"