Professor Tovey's Sunday Concert

Sunday, January 15, 1933
8.15 pm.
1932-1933, 13th concert



Luigi Gasparini - violoncello
John Tainsh - singer
Mary Grierson - pianoforte

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Pianoforte solo - English suite no . 2 ... Bach
     Prelude         Courante      Bourrées I and II
     Allemande    Sarabande    Gigue

2. Violoncello solo - sonata no. 10a in G major ... Valentini

3. Old English songs (arr. Arnold Dolmetsch)
     1. My ltyell pretty one ... Anon
     2. As I walkt forth one summer's day .. set by Robert Johnson
     3. Have you seen but a whyte lillie grow ... Anon
     4. Bid me but live ... Henry Lawes
     5. Gather you rosebuds while you may ... William Lawes

4. Sonata for pianofote and violoncello, in A major ... Beethoven
     Allegro ma non tanto         Adagio cantabile, leading to
     Scherzo-allegro molto       Allegro vivace

5. Songs
     1. Searching for lambs ... arr. Eugene Goosens, Junr
     2. Piggesnie ... Peter Warlock
     3. The countryman ... Peter Warlock
     4. Silent Noon ... Vaughan Williams
     5. Come, O come, my life's delight ... Hamilton Harty

6. Violoncello solo  - (a) Celtic legend ... Borntoft
                                 (b) Humoresque ... Sinigaglia

8-page programme
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme Price: threepence
Publicity and Reviews: 

There are the following adverts:

P.2 - opticians, Prescott
P.3 - bookseller, R. Grant & Son
PP.4-5 - Sunday concert on 22 January
P.6 - musical instrument dealer, Thomas G. Hall
P.7 - Reid symphony orchestra concert (with programme) on Thursday 9 February; subscription tickets for season, from £3 to 9s; single tickets from 1/3 upwards. Prospectus and all information from: Paterson, Sons & Co. Ltd; R. W. Pentland; Townsend & Thomson; Thomas G. Hall
P.8 - piano and music sellers, Methven Simpson Ltd

Not recorded

There is some uncertainty over the identity of the composer Borntoft and of the cello sonata no. 10a by Valentini. The questionable work performed on this occasion was probably a composition by Giuseppe Valentini, who published 12 Allettamenti da camera, op. 8. Although none of these is in the key of G major, perhaps 10a was an arrangement or transposition of no. 10.