Professor Tovey's Sunday Concert

Sunday, February 20, 1927
8.15 pm.
1926-1927, 16th concert

Song and pianoforte recital.


Miss Cecilia Brenner - mezzo-soprano
Professor Tovey - pianoforte

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Pianoforte solo. Sonata in E flat, no. 1 ... Haydn
    Allegro moderato
    Adagio cantabile
    Finale. Presto

2. Songs (a) Bitten ... Beethoven
              (b) Wonne der Wehmut ... Beethoven
              (c) Ich liebe dich ... Beethoven

3. Pianoforte solo, sonata in E minor ... Beethoven
     Mit Lebhaftigkeit
     Nicht zu geschwind

4. Songs (a) Wehmut ... Schubert
              (b) Wiederschein ... Schubert
              (c) Nacht und Traume ... Schubert
              (d) Suleika no. 1 ... Schubert

5. Pianoforte solo. Impromptu on a theme of Clara Wieck, op. 5 ... Schumann

6. Songs (a) Muss es eine Treunung geben ... Brahms
              (b) Blinde Kuh ... Brahms
              (c) Es träumte mir ... Brahms
              (d) Wehe so willst du mich wieder ... Brahms

4-page programme
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme Price: threepence
Publicity and Reviews: 

On p.2 there is a full page advert for the next Reid Symphony Orchestra on 24 February 1927; on the back page there is an advert for the next Sunday concert on 27 February 1927.

Not recorded

It is not certain which Haydn piano sonata was performed on this occasion, since the two sonatas in E flat (Hob. XVI:52: Allegro, Adagio and Presto; Hob.XVI:49: Allegro, Adagio  e cantabile and Tempo di menuet) have different movement titles to those recorded in the programme. It is possible that the movement titles got muddled at the time of going to press.