Professor Tovey's Sunday Concert

Sunday, November 14, 1926
8.15 pm.
1926-1927, 4th concert

Chamber Music Programme


J. M. Begbie - violin
J. Fairbairn - viola
I. Anderson - cello
Susanne Stoneley - flute
A. W. Dace - piano
Mary Grierson - piano

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Quartet in D major for flute and strings (K. 285) ... Mozart
    Adagio, leading to

2. Second and third movements from sonata in B minor for pianoforte and violin ... K. Ph. Em. Bach
    Poco Andante
    Allegretto Siciliano

    (Mary Grierson - piano)

3. Trio for flute, violin and viola ... Beethoven
     1. Entrata Allegro
     2. Tempo di menuetto
     3. Allegro molto
     4. Andante con variazione
     5. Allegro scherzando e vivace
     6. Adagio, leading to
     7. Allegro vivace

4. Piano quartet in C minor (op. 15) ... Fauré
     1. Allegro molto moderato
     2. Scherzo (allegro vivace)
     3. Adagio
     4. Allegro molto

4-page programme
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme Price: threepence
Publicity and Reviews: 

On p.2 there is a full page advert for the next Reid Symphony Orchestra concert on 24 November. On the back page there is an advert for the next Sunday concert on 21 November 1926.

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