Professor Tovey's Sunday Concert

Sunday, January 25, 1925
8.15 pm.
1924-1925, 12th concert

Miss Theo Hunter - violin
Miss Ruth Waddell - violoncello
Miss Mary Grierson - pianoforte
Mr Frank Moyes - vocalist

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Sonata for piano and violin, A major, op. 100 ... Brahms
     Allegro amabile
     Andante tranquillo, alternating with vivace
     Allegro grazioso

Recit and aria - "His sceptre is the rod of righteousness" ... Handel
   (from The Occasional Oratorio)

Violin Solo - Sonata, G minor ("The Devil's Trill") ... Tartini
     Larghetto affetuoso
     Allegro moderato
     Adagio, alernating with Allegro assai

Songs of travel, part I ... Vaughan Williams
     a. The Vagabond
     b. Bright is the ring of words
     c. The roadside fire

Trio for Piano, violin and cello in F major, op. 80 ... Schumann
     Sehr lebhaft
     Mit innigem Ausdrück
     In mässiger Bewegung
     Nicht zu rasch

4-page programme
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme Price: twopence
Publicity and Reviews: 

On the back page there is an outline programme for the next Sunday concert on 1 February 1925.

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