Mozart at St Cecilia's Hall 1985

Monday, June 3, 1985
8 pm
1985, third concert

Third in a series of three concerts entitled 'Mozart at Saint Cecilia's Hall', given in the summer of 1985.


Colin Kingsley - early piano
Peter Williams

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Andante & Variations in G major (1786), K.501
  for four hands on one piano

Rondo in D major
Adagio in B minor

Fantasia in C minor
Sonata in C minor

Coffee in the Laigh Room by courtesy of the Friends of St Cecilia's Hall

Rondo in A minor
Minuet in D major
Gigue in G major

Sonata in B-flat major, K.333


8-page blue series booklet
Programme Notes: 

No programme notes

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets £2.50 (series [3 concerts] £5), Concessions £1.50 (series [3 concerts] £3
Publicity and Reviews: 

Blue poster entitled 'Mozart at St Cecilia's Hall 1985' giving outline details of all three concerts

[Reid] Professor: 
Faculty of Music, University of Edinburgh

Piano by Thomas Loud c1815, acquired for the Russell Collection with the aid of the National Museums Purchase Fund and the Fund of the Friends of St Cecilia's Hall, 1979; restored by John Barnes 1983.  Fortepiano by Backers 1772, property of the Duke of Wellington (owned by the first Duchess, Lady Packenham; on long loan to the university, 1967).
Harpsichord and piano maintenance by Grant O'Brien, John Raymond and John Barnes.