Sunday, October 25, 1987
7.45 pm

'The Sound of the Sackbut'

A special lecture-recital given by Alan Lumsden (sackbut) with the London Wind Consort to mark the University's acquisition of the sackbut (trombone) by Anton Schnitzer of 1594.  This is the only renaissance period brass instrument in Britain.  It is now on display in the Collection of Historical Musical Instruments.

Although the sackbut was extensively used in England and Scotland in the 16th and 17th centuries, the actual instruments used seem to have disappeared completely.

The aim of this lecture-recital is to bring to life the music of the early period of the trombone.  The concerted music will, of course, be played on sackbuts and other instruments of recent making, but it is intended that the original 1594 sackbut will be played for demonstration purposes at least.


Alan Lumsden - sackbut
The London Wind Consort

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Programme taken from the brochure

The programme will include examples of the sackbut in: early 16th century loud music with shawms, quiet ensembles with eg. flutes and mute cornets, the Italian canzona style, Jacobean wind consort music (Holborne, Adson and Locke) and later German stadtpfeifer music (Pezel and Reicha)

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Tickets £4, Concessions £2.50 at the door
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