Lecture Recital

Thursday, February 23, 1984
7.30 pm

'The Elizabethan Lute: A talk illustrated on a lute of 1584 and with original manuscripts and song-books of John Dowland'


Robert Spencer - lute

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part 1 - John Dowland 1563-1626

His Lute Music
  The Earl of Essex Galliard
  Melancholy Galliard
  Almain: My Lady Hunsdon's Puff
    tablature: Richard Mynsall's lutebook, 1597-9
  My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home

A Professional Lutenist
  1580 servant to the English ambassador in Paris - a lutenist's indenture
  1594-5 Germany and Italy - his letter to Sir Robert Cecil
  1598-1606 lutenist to the King of Denmark - Henry Peacham's poem, 1612
  1612 lutenist to James I - payment of a royal lutenist's expenses
  1620s teaches lute to Margaret Board - Prelude & Lachrimae Pavan

His Ayres
  1597 First Book - Away with these self-loving lads
  1600 Second Book - Sorrow, stay

  (Interval refreshments will be served in the Laigh Room)

Part 2 - Dowland's Contemporaries

Thomas Campion 1567-1620
  Shall I come, sweet love, to thee? - Campion on song-writing
  It fell on a summer's day

Anthony Holborne d. 1602
  Pavan & Almain (The Night watch)

Thomas Morley 1557-1602
  Come, sorrow, come

Thomas Robinson fl. 1589-1609
  The Queen's Gigue: Go from my window: A Toy

Shakespeare Songs
  Take, O take those lips away - John Wilson
  O mistress mine - Thomas Morley


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Biography of Robert Spencer.

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University of Edinburgh

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