Monday, March 28, 1892

A course of four lectures on the early developments of the forms of instrumental music.
IV. Early English Music at home and abroad

A brief historical sketch of English Music - Byrd, Bull, Tye, Morley, Anthony Holborne, and other early composers of instrumental music;  Michael East, Jenkins, Lock, Purcell, and other later composers of instrumental music.


Madame Agnes Hamilton - violin
Mr James Winram - violin
Mr F Laubach - viola
Mr A Scott Jupp - viola
Mr Alfred Gallrein - violoncello

Mr T. H. Collinson - pianoforte

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


1. A fragment of an In Nomine

2.  Fantasia in two parts, "La Caccia," by Thomas Morley (1595)

3.  Some numbers from Anthony Holborne's "Pavans, Galliards, Almains, and other short Airs, both grave and light, in five parts, for viols, violins, or other musicall wind instruments" (1599)

4.  Fantasia in three parts for viols, by Orlando Gibbons (1610)

5.  One of Michael East's "Fancies of three parts, for two treble viols and a bass viol" (1638)

6.  Fancy, in three parts, for viols, by John Jenkins

7.  The five Bell Consorte, by John Jenkins

8.  Two pieces from Matthew Lock's instrumental music to the "Tempest" (1670)

9.  Henry Purcell's Golden Sonata for two violins, violoncello and thorough-bass (1697)

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