Monday, March 14, 1892

A course of four lectures on the early developments of the forms of instrumental music.
II. Instrumental music unconnected with the drama, chiefly in the 17th century.

The Preludio, Intonazione, Toccata, Partita, Ciaccona, Passacaglia, Sinfonia, Ricercare (Recercare or Ricercata), Fantasia, Capriccio, Canzona (or Canzone) all francese, Sonata da chiesa (Church sonata) and Sonata da camera (Chamber Sonata), or Balletti (Dances), Concerto, and Concerto grosso, - from the two Gabrielis to Corelli.


Mr T. H. Collinson - organ and pianoforte
Madame Agnes Hamilton - violin
Mr James Winram - violin
Mr F Laubach - viola
Mr Alfred Gallrein - violoncello

Professor Frederick Niecks

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


1.  Toccata for the organ by Claudio Merulo

2.  Recercare for the organ by Girolamo Frescobaldi

3.  Eight-part Canzona by Giovanni Gabrieli (1597)

4.  Fragments from a Sonata by Gio. Battista Fontana (about 1630), and from two Canzone a tre by Tarquinio Merula (about 1639)

5.  Sonata for two violins, viola and bass, by Massimiliano Neri (1651)

6.  A motive from a Sonata by Giovanni Legrenzi (1655)

7.  La Rosetta.  A Sonata for two violins and bass by Gio. Legrenzi (1671)

8.  Sonata con tre instrumenti con il basso continuo. op. 1 by Giuseppe Torelli (1686)

9.  Some parts of a Church and Chamber Sonata (sonata da chiesa and sonata da camera) for violin and thorough-bass, op. 5 nos. 1 and 9, by Archangelo Corelli (1700)


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