The Kenneth Leighton Memorial Concert

Sunday, April 30, 1989
7.30 pm

The Edinburgh Quartet
Daphne Godson - violin
John Turner - recorder
Peter Wallfisch - piano
Leon Coates - organ
John Kitchen - harpsichord

Edinburgh University Chamber Choir - director: Michael Turnbull
String Orchestra of past and present Music Faculty students led by the Edinburgh Quartet
Edward Harper - conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Programme of music by Kenneth Leighton

God's Grandeur  - motet for unaccompanied choir
  words by Gerard Manley Hopkins

    Edinburgh University Chamber Choir - Director: Michael Turnbull

Chorale, Es is genug (harmonisation by J.S. Bach)

Fantasy on a Chorale (Es is genug), opus 80 for violin and organ

    Daphne Godson -violin
    Leon Coates - organ

Quintet for pianoforte and strings, opus 34 
  Allegro con moto
  Adagio sostenuto
  Scherzo - Prestissimo

    The Edinburgh Quartet
    Miles Baster - violin
    Peter Markham - violin
    Michael Beeston - viola
    Mark Bailey - violoncello
    Colin Kingsley - piano


Sonata, opus 64 (1972)
  Lento e Chiaro - più mosso
  Chorale with Contrasts
  Toccata and Chorale

    Peter Wallfisch - piano

Concerto for Recorder, Harpsichord and Strings, opus 88
  Largo Sostenuto-Allegro molto-Lento
  Scherzo-Presto e precipitoso
  Elegy-Adagio e sostenuto

    John Turner - recorder
    John Kitchen - harpsichord
    Edward Harper - conductor

String orchestra of past and present Music Faculty students led by the Edinburgh Quartet




Instrument / Organ Specification: 

Performance Type:

12-page white A4 folded with a glossy front cover featuring the score of 'God's grandeur'
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes for the first item by Edward Harper, otherwise by the composer.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Admission free
Faculty of Music, University of Edinburgh

Photograph of Kenneth Leighton 1929-1988.
Biography of Kenneth Leighton by Edward Harper.
Inside the programme was a Donation form for the Kenneth Leighton Memorial Scholarship.  
  In addition to being a composer, Kenneth Leighton was a distinguished teacher and in recognition of this it is proposed to set up a fund which will provide financial  assistance to students in the Faculty of Music at the University of Edinburgh who wish to engage in further study.  The award, to be known as 'The Kennth Leighton Memorial Scholarship' will be made annually.