Historical Concert

Friday, November 11, 1898
1898-1899, Concert I of V

French music of the time of Louis XIV and Louis XV.


Mrs Elodie Dolmetsch - harpsichord
Mr Arnold Dolmetsch - lute, viola d'amore and violin
Miss Hélène Dolmetsch - viola da gamba and violoncello
Miss May Gibb - vocalist

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


1. Three pieces for the harpsichord ... Jean Baptiste Lully

      (a) Courant et Double
      (b) Sarabande
      (c) Gigue

2. Two songs with lute accompaniment ... de la Barre

     (a) "Rien n'est si rare en tendresse"
     (b) "Esloigné de ce qu'on ayme"

3. Suite for harpsichord ... Jean Henry d'Anglebert

4. Song with lute accompaniment (1683) ... anonymous

      "Que vous me coûtez cher, mon coeur"

5. "Les Concerts Royaux" for viola d'amore, viola da gamba and harpsichord ... François Couperin

6. "La Labyrinthe" for viola da gamba, with harpsichord accompaniment ... Marin Marais

7. Two songs from "Armide", with harpsichord, violin and violoncello accompaniment ... Jean Baptiste Lully

      (a) "On s'étonnerait moins"
      (b) "Le perfide Renaud me fuit"


8. Onzième Ordre, for the harpsichord ... François Couperin

9. Two pieces for the viola da gamba, with harpsichord accompaniment ... de Caix d'Hervelois

      (a) Sarabande
      (b) Les Papillons

10. Two songs, with harpsichord accompaniment (about 1720) ... anonymous

      (a) "Trompeur Amour"
      (b) "Musette: "Vous qui donnez de l'amour"

11. Sonata for violin, with viola da gamba and harpsichord accompaniment ... Jean Marie Leclair

      No.4 of the first book

12. "La Poule" for the harpsichord ... Jean Philippe Rameau

13. Premier Concert, for viola d'amore, viola da gamba and harpsichord ... Jean Philippe Rameau

      (a) La Coulicam
      (b) La Livri
      (c) Le Vézinet"

4-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Fee for series: 10/6
Publicity and Reviews: 

On the outside back page - dates and programmes of the five historical concerts for the 1898-1899 season.


Some of the pieces are unidentifiable due to their generic titles: the first three items on the programme, for instance, are three harpsichord pieces by Lully entitled 'courant et double', 'sarabande' and 'gigue' . In addition, it is not clear which of the four 'concerts' from Couperin's 'Les Concerts Royaux' was perfomed. Unusally, since the programme lists all the separate movements, it appears that the entire 'Pièces de Clavecin II: Ordre 11ème' by Couperin was performed. The programme does not record the maker of any of the instruments used in the concert.