Historical Concert

Wednesday, March 17, 1897
1896-1897, Concert V of V

A recital of virtuosic pianoforte music by Mr Leonard Borwick.


Mr Leonard Borwick - pianoforte

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Sonata in F sharp minor, op. 81 ... Johann Nepomuk Hummel

          (a) Allegro
          (b) Largo con molto espressione
          (c) Finale (vivace)

Nocturne in B flat major ... John Field

Two studies from op. 70 ... Ignaz Moscheles

          (a) No. 11, in E flat major, allegro maestoso patetico
          (b) No. 21, in D flat major, allegro moderato

Rondo from the first sonata in C major, op. 24 ... Carl Maria von Weber

Fantaisie in F minor, op. 49 ... Frederick Chopin

Berceuse in D flat major, op. 57 ... Frederick Chopin

Valse in A flat major, op. 42 ... Frederick Chopin

"Auf Flügeln des Gesanges" transcribed for the pianoforte ... Mendelssohn / Sigismund Thalberg

Etude, op. 2, no. 5, "Vie orageuse" ... Adolf Henselt

Etude, op. 5, no. 4, "Ave Maria" ... Adolf Henselt

Toccatina in C minor ... Adolf Henselt

Etude in C major ... Anton Rubinstein

Rhapsodie hongroise, no. 2 ... Franz Liszt

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Fee for series: 10/6
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