Historical Concert

Wednesday, February 27, 1895
1894-95, Concert V of VI

1894-95:  Six Historical Concerts, Five of String Quartet Music, One of Choral Music

The main object of this concert is to exemplify three grand choral styles - that of Palestrina (Roman school), Durante (Neapolitan school) and J.S.Bach (North German school).  The three organ compositions to be played at this concert exemplify three stages in the development of organ playing; but they must be left to tell their own stories. F. N.


A chorus of about sixty voices
Vocal soloists - Miss Guthrie, Mrs Wilson, Mr Stronach and Mr Guthrie
Organist - Mr A Scott Jupp
Conductor - Professor Niecks

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
1.  Fantasia allegra for the organ (published 1596) ... Andrea Gabrielli

2.  Motet for the Festival of our Lord's nativity ... Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina

3.  Sanctus, Benedictus and Hosanna from the Mass "Iste Confessor," for four-part and three-part chorus ... Palestrina

Part II
1.  Toccata, no. 12 of "Toccate d'Intavolatur, I." for the organ ... Girolamo Frescobaldi

2.  Magnificat for four-part chorus, soprano, alto, tenor and bass solo, and organ accompaniment ... Durante


Part III
1.  Prelude and fugue for the organ ... Dietrich Buxtehude

2.  Glory to God, four-part chorus from the "Christmas oratorio"... J. S. Bach

3.  Motet for double chorus (8 parts), "I wrestle and pray" ... J.S. Bach

8-page programme
Programme Notes: 

Preliminary notes by Frederick Niecks.
Words printed for the choral items.