Historical Concert

Wednesday, January 29, 1896
1895-1896, Concert IV of VI

Music of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, chiefly instrumental, played on old instruments.


Mr Arnold Dolmetsch - lute, viola d'amore, and violin
Miss Hélène Dolmetsch - viola da gamba
Mrs Elodie Dolmetsch - harpsichord
Miss May Gibb - vocalist

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I

1. Three dance tunes of the 16th century, from "Il Ballarino" (1581) ... Fabritio Caroso
       a. "Alta Orsina," balletto for the lute
       b. "Alta Regina," cascarda for the viol and lute
       c. "Bassa Ducale," balletto for the viol and lute

2. Two fantazies for two viols (1595) ... Thomas Morley
       a. "Il Doloroso"
       b. "La Caccia"

3. Two songs with harpsichord accompaniment
      a. "Ard' il mio petto misero" (1621) ... Guilio Caccini
      b. "Che fièro costume" (1680) ... Giovanni Legrenzi

4. Three pieces for two viols and the harpsichord (c. 1610) ... anonymous English composer
      a. Fantazie
      b. Allmaine 
      c. Allmaine

5. Two songs, with lute accompaniment
      a. "Have you seen but a whyte lillie grow" (c. 1610) ... anonymous English composer
      b. "Gather your rosebuds" (c. 1640) ... William Lawes

6. Divisions on a ground for the viola da gamba, with harpsichord accompaniment (c. 1650) ... Christopher Simpson

7. A song from The Indian Queen, "they tell us that you mighty powers" ... Henry Purcell

8. Two pieces for the harpsichord ... Henry Purcell
       a. Toccata
       b. A ground

9. Follia for the violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord ... Arcangelo Corelli

Part II.

10. Suite for the viola da gamba with harpsichord accompaniment ... Marin Marais
       a. Prélude
       b. Allemande
       c. Sarabande

11. Three pieces for the harpsichord (1700) ... François Couperin
       a. Les Tricoteuses
       b. L'Arlequine
       c. Les Satires

12. Sonata for the viola da gamba and harpsichord (1720) ... G. F. Handel

13. Song with harpsichord accompaniment, "Pur Dicesti" (c. 1725) ... Antonio Lotti

14. Three sonatas for the harpsichord (c. 1720) ... Domenico Scarlatti

15. "Dieuxième Concert" for the harpsichord, viola d'amore and viola da gamba (1740) ... Jean Philippe Rameau
       a. La Laborde
       b. La Boucon
       c. L'Agaçante
       d. Menuets

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There are no programme notes.

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Fee for series: 10/6
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On the outside back page - dates and programmes of the six historical concerts for the 1895-1896 season.


A number of the pieces are not identifiable: for example, the 'three sonatas for the harpsichord, composed by Domenico Scarlatti'; and the 'toccata' and 'ground' by Henry Purcell. The viola da gamba sonata by Handel may be an arrangement of the violin sonata in G minor, but the key of the piece is not given. In addition, the instruments used by the performers are not recorded.