Historical Concert

Wednesday, January 20, 1904
1903-1904, Concert III of IV

A Liszt pianoforte recital, illustrative of the different classes of the master's music for pianoforte solo.


Mr Paul della Torre - performer

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Franz Liszt

(1) Sonata in B minor.

(2) "Au Lac de Wallenstadt", no. 2 of the first year of the "Annés de Pélerinage".

(3) Quasi adagio and andantino, nos. 4 and 5, of the "Consolations".

(4) Transcriptions of Schubert's "Frühlingsglaube" and "Wohin".

(5) "St François d'Assise: La prédication aux oiseaux". Légende.

(6) Ave maria in E major.

(7) Transcription from Verdi's opera "Aïda".

(8) Valse impromptu.

(9) Etude de concert in D flat major.

(10) Liebestraum no. 3.

(11) Rhapsodie hongroise, no. 12.


8-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

The introduction to the programme consists of a 2½ page essay (pp.3-5) concerning the piano music of Liszt.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Fee for series: 10/6
Publicity and Reviews: 

On the inside back page - dates and programmes of the four historical concerts for the 1903-1904 season.