Historical Concert

Wednesday, October 30, 1912
1912-1913, Concert I of IV

A recital of violin and vocal duets.


Mr Henri Verbrugghen - violinist
Miss Jenny Cullen - violinist
Miss Florence Salter - soprano vocalist
Miss Bertha Salter - contralto vocalist
Miss Ailie Cullen - pianoforte accompanist

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Concerto in D minor for two violins and pianoforte (originally string orchestra) accompaniment ... Johann Sebastian Bach

2. "Placidissime catene", duo for soprano and contralto, with pianoforte accompaniment ... Agostino Steffani

3. Duet in C major for two violins, op. 34, book VIII, no. 2 ... Giovanni Battista Viotti

4a. "Andate o miei sospiri", duet for soprano and contralto ... Francesco Durante

4b. "Quell' onda che rovina", duet for soprano and contralto ... Padre Giambattista Martini

5. Duet in d minor, op. 39, no. 1, for two violins ... Ludwig Spohr

6. Two duets for soprano and contralto ... Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

       a. "Gruss" (greeting), op. 63, no. 3
       b. "Das Aehrenfeld" (harvest field), op. 77, no. 2

7. "Etudes caprices, avec accompagnement d'un second violon", op. 18 ... Henri Wieniawski

      a. Moderato in G minor
      b. Andante in E flat major

8. Two duets for soprano and contralto ... Johannes Brahms

      a. "Am Strande" (by summer sea), op. 66, no. 3
      b. "Jägerlied" (the huntsman), op. 66, no. 4

8c. "L'Aube", duet for soprano and contralto ... Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

12-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

The introduction consists of a 1½ page essay (pp.3-4) entitled 'vocal and violin duets'; movement titles or a short paragraph are given for most of the items; the words of the songs in the original language, with the exception of items 6a and 6b printed in English,  are provided on pp.8-10.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Fee for series: 10/6
Publicity and Reviews: 

On the inside back page - dates and programmes of the four historical concerts for the 1912-1913 season.