Historical Concert

Wednesday, November 29, 1893
1893-94, Concert I of VI

1893-94:  Six Historical Concerts Illustrative of the Development of Dramatic music

Italian Opera in the 17th Century


Miss Copeland
Miss Kruger,
Mrs Kennedy Fraser
Mr J. A. Y. Stronach
Mr J. H. Kennedy

Mr A Scott Jupp

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
1. Extracts from the opera "Euridice" (1600) ... Giulio Caccini (b. abour 1550, d. about 1615)

2. Lamento d' Arianna "Lasciatemi morire," from the opera A"Arianna," (1607) ... Claudio Monteverdi (b. 1568, d. 1643)

3. Extracts from the opera "Orfeo" (1609) ... Claudio Monteverdi

4. "Intorno all'idol mio spirate pur spirate aura."
  Scena from the opera "Orontea" (1649) ... Marc' Antonio Cesti (b. about 1620, d. 1669)
  Orontea - Miss Kruger

5. "Beato chi puo lontan delle corte goder quelle sorti."
  Aria from the opera "Serse" (1654) ... Francesco Cavalli (b. 1599 or 1600, d. 1676)
  Periarco - Mr Kennedy

6. "Affe, affe, mi fate ridere, ah, ah, ah, mi fate ridere."
 Canzonetta from the Opera "Serse" (1654) ... Francesco Cavalli
 Clito - Miss Copeland


Part II
First Ace (with some omissions) of the opera "La Rosaura" (about 1690) ... Alessandro Scarlatti (1659 - 1725)
 Rosaura - Miss Copeland
 Climone - Miss Kruger
 Elmiro - Mrs Kennedy Fraser
 Celindo and Lesbo - Mr Stronach
Overture, Recitatives and Arias.  There are no Choruses.

4 page programme