Historical Concert

Wednesday, November 18, 1903
1903-1904, Concert I of IV

A recital of original pianoforte duets (from the second half of the 18th century to the present day), interspersed with songs by Adolf Jensen.


Mr Arthur Dace - pianist
Mr Francis Gibson - pianist
Miss Marion Richardson - vocalist

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Sonata in A major ...  Johann Christian Bach
(a) allegro con spirito (b) allegretto

Sonata in F major (1786), the last two movements ... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(a) adagio (b) allegro

Three songs ... Adolf Jensen
(a) "O lass dich halten, gold'ne Stunde", op. 35, no. 3
(b) "Wie Lenzeshauch hast du mich stets erquickt", op. 9, no. 1
(c) "Klinge, klinge, mein Pandero", op. 21, no. 1

From grande sonate, op. 92, in A flat major, the opening ... Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Grave and allegro comodo

From Huit Pièces, op. 60 ... Carl Maria von Weber
(a) adagio, no. 3 (b) allegro (all' Ungarese), no. 4

Two songs from "Dolorosa", op. 30, nos. 1 and 4 ... Adolf Jensen
(a) "Was ist's, o Vater, das ich verbrach?"
(b) "Denke, denke, mein Geliebter, meiner alten Lieb' und Treu"

Fantasie in F minor, op. 103 ... Franz Schubert

From Bilder aus Osten (oriental pictures), op. 66 ... Robert Schumann
no. 1 Lebhaft
no. 4 Nicht schnell

From twelve pianoforte pieces, op. 85 ... Robert Schumann
no. 9 Am springbrunnen

Two songs ... Adolf Jensen
(a) "Murmelndes Lüftchen", op. 21, no. 4
(b) "Am Ufer des Flusses, des Manzanares", op. 21, no. 6

From Bal Costumé, op. 103 ... Anton Rubinstein
no. 4 Marquis et marquise, 18th century

Ungarische Tänze, no. 2 in D minor ... Johannes Brahms

From Waldmärchen, op. 79 ... Heinrich Hofmann
no. 4 Waldtraut
no. 7 Irrlichter

"Brautreigen", op. 42, no. 3 ... Philipp Scharwenka

Spinnerlied, op. 33, no. 4 ... Moritz Moszkowski






8-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Introduction to the programme consists of a three-page essay (pp.3-5) concerning piano duets and a short paragraph (p.5) on the composer Adolf Jensen.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Fee for series: 10/6
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