Historical Concert

Wednesday, November 18, 1896
1896-97, Concert I of V

Italian vocal and Italian and German instrumental chamber music of the 17th and 18th Centuries


Miss Gordon Pillans
Miss N Gaukroger
Mr Norman Davidson
Mr Albert B. Bach

Mrs Bach - pianoforte
Professor Niecks

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1. Sonata for violin and pianoforte, op. 5 no. 8 in E minor (published 1700) ... Arcangela Corelli (b. 1653, d. 1713)

2. Aria, "Come raggio di sol," ... Antonio Caldara (b. 1670, d. 1736)
  Mr Albert B. Bach

3. Duet, "Luci bella non tanta fretta," ... Agostino Steffani (b. 1655, d. 1730)
  Miss Gordon Pillans and Mr Bach

4. Aria, " Non vale il servire," ... Giacomo Carissimi (b. about 1604, d. 1674)
  Mr Norman Davidson

5. Duet, "Vanne vale dico addio," ... Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (b. 1710, d. 1736)
  Miss N. Gaukroger and Mr Bach

6. Cantata, "Ferma, lascia ch' io parli, sacrilego, ministro," ... Giacomo Carissimi
  Miss Gordon Pillans

7. Sonata for pianoforte and violin in E major ... J.S. Bach (b. 1685, 1750)
  (the third of six sonatas for clavier and violin)

8. Duet, "Dov'e quell' usignolo," ... Giovanni Carlo Maria Clari (b. 1669, d. about 1745)
  Miss Gordon Pillans and Mr Davidson

9. Cantata, "Povera Pellegrina," ... Alessandro Scarlatti (b. 1659, d. 1725)
  Miss Gaukroger

10. Cantata, "Vittoria, vittoria," ... Giacomo Carissimi
  Mr Bach

11. Cantata, "E fia pur vero?" ... Alessandra Scarlatti
  Miss Gordon Pillans

12. Duet, "O fortuna," ... Benedetto Marcello (b. 1686, d, 1739)
  Miss Gaukroger and Miss Gordon Pillans

13. Sonata for violin and pianoforte in A major ... George Frederick Handel (b. 165, d. 1759)
  (the third of twelve sonatas published in 1732)

4 page programme
Programme Notes: 

The chief object i framing to-day's programme was to make the concert serve the purpose of an introduction to the now neglected and forgotten, but once important and popular, forms of composition, the Chamber Cantata (cantata da camera) and Chamber Duet (duetto da camera).  Two of the greatest masters in each kind have been chosen to illustrate the subjects - Giacomo Carissimi and Alessandro Scarlatti, the chamber cantata; and Agostino Steffani and Giovanni Carolo Maria Clari, the chamber duet.

The Chamber Cantata ...