Historical Concert

Wednesday, January 21, 1903
1902-1903, Concert III of IV

Vocal music for four and fewer voices, with and without pianoforte accompaniment, interspersed with pianoforte solos


Miss Marie Fillunger - soprano
Miss Florence Christie - alto
Mr Louis Godfrey - tenor
Mr Foxton Ferguson - bass
Mr Donald Francis Tovey - solo pianist and accompanist
Miss Dorothy Wood - accompanist

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

First Part

1.  "Abendlied zu Gott" (Evening Song to God), words by Gellert. ... Joseph Haydn
     For four vocal parts and pianoforte accompaniment

2.  "Gesang der Geister uber den Wassern" (Song of the Spirits over the waters - "The soul of man is like unto the water") op. 88 ... Johann Carl Gottfried Loewe
     The words by Goethe.  For four vocal parts and pianoforte accompaniment. 

3.  "Ave verum corpus"   ... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    For four vocal parts and pianoforte accompaniment (the original accompaniment is for string quartet).

4.  Fantasia in G minor, op. 77, for pianoforte ... Ludwig van Beethoven

5.  "Spanisches Liederspiel" op. 74 ... Robert Schumann
    A cycle of songs from the Spanish, for one and several voices (soprano. alto, tenor, bass), with pianoforte accompaniment.


Second Part

6.  Benedictus and Osanna from the Missa brevis (in the third book of the master's masses, Rome 1570) ... Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina
     the former for three , the latter for four voices

7.  Three vocal quartets for soprano, alto, tenor and bass, op. 48, nos. 2, 3, and 4 ... Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
    (a)  Die Primel (The Primrose)
    (b)  Frühlingsfeier (Spring Festival)
    (c)  Lerchengesang (Song of the Lark)

8.  Two German folk songs, arranged for four voices by Julius J. Maier
    (a)  Schwesterlein
    (b)  Die Vöglein, die singen

9.  Two pieces for the pianoforte ... Frederick Chopin
    (a)  Etude in C sharp minor, op. 25, no. 7
    (b)  Impromptu in F sharp major, op. 36

10. Neue Liebeslieder, Walzer (New Love Songs, Waltzes) for pianoforte à quatre mains (and four voices ad libitum), op. 65 ... Johannes Brahms
     The words from Daumer's "Polydora"
     Fourteen numbers and finale ("Zum Schlüss")


Performance Type:

8 page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Two page essay introduction by Professor Niecks,  illustrating the use of four and fewer voices, with and without pianoforte accompaniment, in various styles and by various composers.

Publicity and Reviews: 

On the back pages, dates and programmes of the four historical concerts in the season