Historical Concert

Wednesday, December 9, 1896
1896-97, Concert III of V

Old music on old instruments, chiefly Italian harpsichord and German clavichord and Harpsichord music


Mrs Elodie Dolmetsch - harpsichord and clavichord
Mr Arnold Dolmetsch - violin
Miss Hélène Dolmetsch - viola da gamba

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
1. Three Sonatas for the harpsichord ... Domenico Scarlatti

2. Sonata no. 10, in D major, for the harpsichord ... Pietro Domenico Paradies

3. Sonata no. 2, in D major, for the Viola da Gamba and harpsichord ... J. S. Bach

4. Prelude and Fugue, no. 10, in E minor from the first book of "Das wohltemperirte Clavier," for the clavichord ... J.S. Bach


Part II
5. Sonata no. 2, in A major, for the violin and harpsichord ... J. S. Bach

6. Fantasia in C minor, Adagio in F minor and Allegro in A minor for the harpsichord ... C. P. E. Bach

7. Toccata in G major for the harpsichord ... J. S. Bach


The Elizabethan Stage Society acted on a recreated Elizabethan stage for their productions of plays from the period, complete with music performed by members of the Dolmetsch family. The picture above, taken in about 1895, shows Arnold Dolmetsch (lute), Elodie Dolmetsch (standing) and Hélène Dolmetsch (bass viol). Dolmetsch superintended the music for all the Society's revivals until 1905. George Bernard Shaw drew up a critical balance sheet of the Society's achievements to date.     Dolmetsch family            12/02/2014          

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