Reid Historical Concert

Thursday, February 6, 1936
1935-36 season, 3rd concert

The Palestrina Club:
Mrs Darwin
Miss Nancy Amos
Miss Dodo Wands
Miss Pauline Hayden
Mr Patrick C. Smythe
Mr William Taylor
Mr Frank Lake
Mr Douglas McRae

under the direction of Mr Douglas Dickson

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


1. Gloria, Sanctus, Benedictus, Osanna, Agnus Dei I and Agnus Dei II., from the Mass, "O Admirable Commercium" ... Palestrina

2. Motets for Five Voices, "Ex Canticis Canticorum" (The Song of Solomon) ... Palestrina
1. Osculetur me
    2. Trahe me
    7. Fasciculus myrrhe
    8. Ecce tu pulcher es
    9. Tota pulchra es
  10. Vulnerasti cor meum
  12. Introduxit me Rex
  14. Vox dilecti mei !
  15. Surge, propera, amica mea
  19. Adiuro vos, filiæ Jerusalem !
  21. Dilectus meus descendit
  29. Veni, dilecti mi !

3. Motet, "Exultate Deo" ... Palestrina


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Movement titles listed for the second item only

Publicity and Reviews: 

There was a review in The Scotman on the day following the concert:

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